Marguerite is a wonderful instructor and I plan to take more courses with her to learn how to use my new camera.

- Rusty Atlas

It was a pleasure taking Marguerite's photo classes. The individualized attention and exercises really made a difference in understanding my new DSLR camera. The class at Fairchild Garden was truly amazing and in a short amount of time I was already taking beautiful pictures. Learning photography or any new hobby can be overwhelming and sometimes you lose momentum. Marguerite is always available to answer questions and provide you with motivation when you need it. 

- Patricia Erdos

Marguerite's classes opened up a whole new world of telling a story creatively with photos, especially in my travels. Now every time I go on a trip or visit something memorable I can capture the feel of the experience visually. She also taught me to make books from my pics...I could go on and on...great classes!

- Jen Amo

"Simply the best. That's how I describe Marguerite. She has a delightful combination of wit and knowledge, coupled with a passion for both photography and teaching. I have taken a variety of classes from Marguerite ( studio lightening course, baby photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, and some more courses) and each time found her to be extremely knowledgeable. Whether you're a beginner or advanced photographer, Marguerite has a knack for making the subject understandable. She is a natural teacher. I highly recommend her as both an excellent instructor and photographer."

- Marina Nazariyan

I took photography lessons from Marguerite Beaty and not only is she an awesome photographer, she is a great teacher.  She outlined everything I needed to do from shooting great pictures to helping me learn how to market myself.  She is extremely patient (which I needed) and knowledgeable.  I learned a lot and would highly recommend her!

- Laura Scherr

Marguerite is a excellent teacher. On 2 hours I learned a lot and the way how she explain and the material provided is incredible. She showed me a lot thong of my camera, so I know more my camera as well after the course. Very good experience and I´ll take the next level course with her. Totally recommended....

- Luis Duque

Because of Marguerite, I now LOVE my camera! She takes you step by step until you get it. I had no idea how creative I could get by learning to use a camera on the manual setting. My favorite session was where she took me out at night and I learned how to start painting with light. I am having so much fun be it day or night. Now I notice so many things around me that before I just took for granted. Thank you Marguerite for opening up a whole new world for me to explore!!! And better yet, that I can share it with others through my images!!!

- Iraida Garcia